Your safety

Every effort has been made to ensure that this website is as secure as possible. But if you think that submitting your story on this website could put you at risk in any way then please do not post. At Racism On Record your safety is our number one priority.

We deliberately don’t ask you for your name when you post a story – this helps allow you, and us, to maintain your privacy.

There are additional security precautions you can take when submitting your story. Here are some suggestions you may wish to consider (full credit to the Everyday Sexism Project for these resources):

  • Follow the Surveillance Self-Defence guide (from the Electronic Frontier Foundation) to avoiding electronic surveillance 
  • If you want to send us your story via e-mail you can set up and use a secure e-mail account (e.g. Hushmail). Hushmail charge an annual fee (we receive no commission for this – feel free to use a different provider if you prefer), but you get a full refund if you cancel within 60 days (correct as of Sep 2020). From your secure e-mail account you can e-mail your story to
  • You can use the TOR browser for free (they work on donations) to access this website and submit your report. This prevents other users from seeing which websites you have accessed.
  • Delete your browser history after each time you use a web browser (e.g. press Ctrl + H to view your history on Google Chrome)
  • Use incognito tabs (e.g. press Ctrl + Shift + N when using Google Chrome to open an incognito tab). Your browser history within an incognito tab isn’t recorded, although it can still be seen by your Internet Service Provider or your school/employer.
  • Use https proxies (if available) if you visit vulnerable websites (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Using any or all of the above will help maximise your safety.

Ready to share your experience of racism? Then check out our guidance on how to share your experience safely and responsibly.