Signpost providing guidance
Credit: Jens Johnsson

At Racism On Record we want people to be able to share their experiences as freely as possible. We also want to keep everyone safe and avoid causing any further distress to anyone. Here is our guidance for sharing your experience with us safely and responsibly.

Avoid using real names of people/organisations

This helps minimise the risk of yourself or Racism On Record facing libel action, or any other form of legal or personal challenge.

Use asterisks for any racial epithets you are quoting (e.g. n****r)

This helps minimise the emotional triggering of other readers, and the risk of Racism On Record falling foul of search/social media algorithms.

Only share your own story

As much as you may wish to post a story about a friend/colleague/member of the public experiencing racism by way of solidarity we have to remember that it’s up to them whether or not they want their story to be shared – particularly on a public forum like Racism On Record. Please only post stories that are centred around your own experience of racism. You’re welcome to encourage others to share their own stories here.

Only share details you are happy to be public knowledge

Only share what you’re comfortable being common knowledge. If you’re in any doubt then do not post your story. Better to be safe than sorry.

Need additional guidance?

We hope you find this guidance helpful. If you have any questions or concerns then e-mail and we will help you.

Ready to share your story? Then visit the Home page and fill in the submission form. All submissions are moderated before being published.