About Us

Credit: Kelly Lacy

Racism On Record allows people to anonymously share their experience of racism.

It also sign-posts to high-quality anti-racism learning resources produced by leading academics, thought leaders and organisations.

Finally Racism On Record sign-posts to racism support organisations in numerous countries. So you can get the support you need to deal with racism

How can I help Racism On Record?

You can share your story of racism on our Home page.

You can tell your friends about us on social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook).

You can interview us for your magazine, newspaper, YouTube channel or podcast. Just e-mail us at andrew@racismonrecord.com.

If you have web design, foreign language or public relations/media skills you can volunteer to help us develop this website to be more user-friendly and reach a wider audience (including non-English-speakers). Just send your CV/resumé to andrew@racismonrecord.com and we will get back to you.